About Us

Welcome to Our Journey – Mike and Molly’s Adventure in Forex and Crypto

Our Story

Greetings from New York! We are Mike and Molly, the heart and soul behind this vibrant website. Our journey is not just about numbers and markets; it’s a tale of passion, family, and a dream that turned into reality.

Living the Dream

Four years ago, we took a leap of faith into the world of financial trading. Since then, we’ve been living a life many only dream of – sustaining our family solely through our earnings from Forex and Binance markets. It’s been a thrilling ride, filled with ups and downs, but every moment has been worth it.

Family – Our Greatest Asset

Our world revolves around our two wonderful children and our loyal golden retriever. They are our constant reminders of why we embarked on this journey. Every decision we make, every risk we take, is for the future and happiness of our family.

Lifestyle – Beyond the Charts

Our life isn’t just about staring at screens and analyzing trends. We believe in living life to the fullest. Our SUV has become our companion in many family adventures, especially to the sunny shores of Miami. These getaways aren’t just vacations; they are a celebration of our hard-earned success.

Passions – Fishing and Shopping

When we’re not trading or spending time with our family, you’ll find us indulging in our hobbies. Mike is an avid fisherman, finding peace and thrill in the quiet waters, while Molly is a shopping aficionado, with a particular love for the vibrant markets of Dubai. These passions keep us grounded and remind us that life is not just about earning but also about enjoying.

Join Our Community

We created this website not just to share our knowledge of Forex and Crypto but to build a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, we hope our journey inspires you to chase your dreams.

Welcome to our world, where finance meets family, fun, and freedom!